Show Notes

Cory Mosley, the host of the Grow Business Podcast, introduces a new co-host, Lon Graham, and they discuss the importance of clear and authentic communication in branding.

They emphasize the need for relatable language that connects with the target audience, rather than using complex and impressive language that may alienate potential clients.

Cory and Lon also highlight the importance of video in engaging with viewers and the need for plain language and authenticity in communication.

The episode concludes with a discussion on the importance of being genuine in conveying expertise and the impact of branding on business success.

Time Stamps:

  • Introducing the new co-host [00:01:31]
  • Discussion about Digger Phelps [00:04:00]
  • Appreciation for Lon’s qualities [00:06:55]
  • The skill of connecting with people [00:07:07]
  • The importance of common sense branding [00:07:49]
  • Being clear and authentic in communication [00:09:32]
  • The curse of knowledge [00:19:08]
  • Being clear in messaging [00:19:52]
  • Common sense branding [00:20:43]
  • The importance of branding [00:22:36]
  • Aligning brand with target audience [00:23:13]
  • Association and storytelling in branding [00:29:19]
  • The importance of brand association [00:30:49]
  • The danger of overthinking and missing the obvious [00:31:32]
  • The impact of cutting corners on brand perception [00:35:25]
  • The importance of online reviews [00:38:07]
  • The significance of a well-designed website [00:39:25]
  • The dangers of cutting corners with website design [00:43:41]
  • The importance of common sense in business decisions [00:46:17]
  • The consequences of poor website messaging [00:49:26]
  • The significance of aligning messaging with brand identity [00:54:30]
  • The importance of building an ecosystem [00:54:38]
  • The impact of website design on business [00:55:32]
  • Encouragement to think about brand clarity [00:57:17]

Bullet Points:

  • Introduction of new co-host Lon Graham.
  • Discussion on the frustration of almost winning and the importance of being surrounded by winners.
  • Importance of clear and authentic communication in branding.
  • Use of plain language and authenticity in communication.
  • Importance of video in clarifying messages and engaging with viewers.
  • Avoiding complex language and focusing on relatability in branding.
  • Importance of aligning brand name with business purpose and target audience.
  • Frustration with rehearsed elevator pitches and the importance of being genuine.
  • Importance of a strong brand name and its association with the business.
  • Importance of a strong brand and website for businesses, and the impact on potential clients.


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